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Mobile. 3D. Simple.

Industrial laser and video projection for more efficient processes.

  • Hardware accessories

  • Hardware accessories


Hardware accessories enable you to adapt your Werklicht system to your specific requirements. We can offer you computing power for data processing, adapter solutions for dynamic referencing, systems for fastening and for ergonomic movement, plus intuitive solutions for remote control.

And just in case our standard accessories are not enough, we will also be glad to develop custom-tailored solutions together with you.

Werklicht® Pro is fitted either to a tripod for mobile use or to a movable pivoting arm on a mobile trolley.
The tripod version is designed in particular for larger working environments with complex layouts such as those associated with the aviation and shipbuilding industries.

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To reference the component, Werklicht uses smart targets. EXTEND3D offers you a range of alternatives for effective fastening to the component. Whether it be with flexible self-centering, the use of suitable pins or at the corners and edges – the magnetic adapters can be fastened to any metal component. Solutions for non-metallic surfaces are also available. We will be glad to advise you.

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