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Mobile. 3D. Simple.

Industrial laser and video projection for more efficient processes.

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    WERKLICHT -The solution...

... in numerous applications!

With Werklicht you can count on a versatile assistant which is used in a wide range of industrial environments.

• from the vision through to production.

• from quality control through to presentation.

• reducing workload, speeding up processes, reducing costs.

The basic principle is the same in every case: Werklicht® projects your digital component information from the computer into reality.

For production and assembly work, Werklicht® Pro projects CAD data and work instructions onto components, making it an invaluable assistant for your production personnel.

For quality assurance work, Werklicht® Video MeVis projects 3-D measurement logs which reveal every non-conformity however small. This means you can count on a pioneering and efficient control and communication tool, for improved quality and quality awareness.

Ideal for the manufacture of pilot production vehicles.
WERKLICHT® PRO PRO for making better prototypes.
The challenge:

Manual welding of bolts (quantity: 100 +).

How has this been done so far?
What makes Werklicht better?
3D laser projection of bolt/stud positions directly on the component.

Amongst other things, Werklicht can be used in stud welding during prototype construction. Werklicht projects the exact position of individual studs onto the car body’s surface. After quickly marking out the projected stud positions, the stud can then be fitted. Werklicht thereby eliminates the costly and time consuming use of coordinate measuring machines for indicating the stud positions. Time savings of around 75% are typically achieved.

The same goes for the use of stencils whose storage and supply likewise becomes unnecessary by using Werklicht. In short, construction changes can be implemented significantly faster thanks to this shorter process.

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What are the benefits to me? – I am:
• Less unpleasant rework. • Work is simpler and more intuitive • Cuts out errors – and negative feedback too.

>> Download the full case study

For the assurance of top quality in serial production. Save inspection time with WERKLICHT® PROZero tolerance for errors. Tracking deviations with WERKLICHT® VIDEO MeVisBuilding aircrafts of tomorrow by using EXTEND3D technology. WERKLICHT® PRO in bracket mounting. One template for all. WERKLICHT® PRO for painting the shell.When the welder welds more. WERKLICHT® PRO for tacking welded parts.
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