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Mobile. 3D. Simple.

Industrial laser and video projection for more efficient processes.

Flexibel. Dynamic. Precise.
The assistant for assembly and production.
  • The new WERKLICHT® Pro Xenon

    A quantum leap in dynamic laser projection.

    Laser projector Werklicht Pro Xenon
  • Markerless Referencing

    No Targets, absolut dynamic. And still highly accurate.

    Markerless Tracking. Reference with just a CAD file.
  • Complex scribing was yesterday ...

  • ...flexible and precise projection is state of the art.

    WERKLICHT® projects positioning and sampling information onto the component and thereby offers time savings of up to 80% compared to conventional measuring machines.

  • WERKLICHT® Pro, made for complex assembly.

    Modern construction poses new challanges. WERKLICHT® supports fast and flexible where you had to measure before.

    Werklicht in der Automobilen Fertigung

First Part Inspection

For the assurance of top quality in serial production.

Save inspection time with WERKLICHT® PRO. >> more information
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Ideal in prototype construction.

WERKLICHT® PRO for making better prototypes. >> more information
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Visualization of measurement data

Zero tolerance for errors.

Tracking Deviations with WERKLICHT® VIDEO MeVis >> more information
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Experience WERKLICHT® in Action.
„Projection of designs“ monitorplay-botton
„Projection of bolt positions“ vedio-img2play-botton

Control 2019

Visit us on Control 2019 in Stuttgart Hall 5 Booth 5212.

Exhibitors take advantage of the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance in order to present their new products to a broad-based audience. Initial prototypes are showcased here as trend indicators, as well as marketable, time-tested measuring technology which is refined to an ever greater extent each year. From optical measuring technology with augmented reality features and 100% monitoring of collaborative systems, right on up to the latest computer tomographs and tactile sensors, and above all industrial image processing – Control exhibits everything the users need. A trend which is becoming plainly apparent is the ever closer intermeshing of quality assurance and production. Today, testing is conducted inline without losing any time. Manufacturers of measuring and test technology are tooling up for this trend as well: modular applications which are integrated into the shop floor are being used more and more frequently than separate, isolated test benches. Today’s QA systems are incorporated into production and must be capable of withstanding adverse environmental conditions for this reason, and at the same time they must be able to process data rapidly. This is where industrial image processing comes in, on which the leading trade fair places great importance.


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Information about our products or possible sample applications are now available for you to download, use the button infocenter in the menu.

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Augmented Reality Laserprojection for efficient Stud Welding at Audi

Six years ago, the objective was to significantly improve the efficiency of marking bolt positions with a coordinate measuring machine. Thanks to the laser projection system from EXTEND3D, this project was implemented successfully in Ingolstadt. In addition, the car manufacturer now has advantages in terms of flexibility and ergonomics.

Within the automotive industry, Audi excels with the highest quality and great workmanship. The best materials, established processes, motivated employees and state-of-the-art measuring technology - as well as the laser projection system from Extend 3D - make a significant contribution to this. After all, WERKLICHT simplifies, accelerates work steps across the entire process chain, from data preparation to quality assurance. This increases the profitability of the digital template even in the cases that can not be automated so far. "And this is why WERKLICHT quickly pays for itself in several ways. Especially since the data preparation, including all CAD formats, is done in a short set-up time (10 minutes) and the operation is intuitive, "emphasizes Dr. Peter Keitler, Managing Director of Extend 3D. "WERKLICHT not only reduces working time by up to 80%, but is also flexible in the case of modifications, and templates are largely superfluous. The quality assurance is performed visually, automatically and securely, the documentation also generated automatically. " (Translated from:

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