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Werklicht® Pro

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Our products and services

EXTEND3D offers you a unique mobile projection solution combined with a calibrated sensor platform, which bridges the gap between the CAD data and the real object.

Mobile and Self-referencing: we make intelligent use of a dynamic referencing (optical tracking) system which will always ensure a 100% fitting projection despite of eventual movements of the object or projector. Stay "right on" beaming the correct CAD information over your object, and benefit of an amazing performance, even in dynamic setups.

We are pioneers of bringing dynamic referencing combined with Augmented Reality projections - our systems have been successfully implemented in some of the most relevant German manufacturers.

  • WERKLICHT® Pro - High precision and bright laser jig with 3D sensors
  • WERKLICHT® HD - Full color HD video projector with 3D sensors
  • 3D Software, Rendering – Software solutions for your rendering of 3D data
  • Implementation – Service onsite to extract the maximum from your AR system

In the EXTEND3D brochure you find an even more detailed overview of our products and solutions:

Please click here to download the brochure as a PDF.